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    CNBM International

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    2010.05.19        SGS approved and ISO9001 Certified

    2010.05.12        Overseas Subsidiary CNBM INDIA was established

    2009.12.25        Total registered capital increased to RMB75 million

    2009.12.07        CNBM Dubai  converted into overseas wholly-owned subsidiary, CNBM UAE was established

    2009.12.04        CNBM Wuxi Steel is approved with coal distribution qualification

    2009.11.24        Won first prize of Enterprise Management Innovation in National Building Materials Industry

    2009.10.20        Credit class as 4A2 approved by D&B

    2009.09.08        50 Ways of Export Risks Management co-written by our employees was published

    2009.07.31        Qualification license for Foreign Aid Projects Class B was approved

    2009.06.17        Signed export insurance policy with Sinosure with premium amount of USD 60 million

    2009.03.29        Listed in Top 500 China Enterprises powering in Informationization

    2009.03.05        Domestic subsidiary CNBM Wuxi Steel was established

    2008.04.22        Total registered capital increased to RMB 50 million

    2007.06.20        Overseas Branch CNBM K.S.A  was established

    2007.03.02        Overseas Branch CNBM RUSSIA was established

    2007.01.24        Overseas Branch CNBM was established

    2006.10.05        Overseas Subsidiary CNBM USA was established

    2006.01.01        All Roads Lead To Export co-written by our employees was published

    2005.08.01        Bring in CRM system, take the first step of Management Informationization

    2004.10.03        Overseas Branch CNBM Dubai  was established

    2004.08.17        Year of Founded.